Severn Sport Tipster League – Royal Ascot Day 4 Review

Well well well, what a bloody day that was!! After a couple of days of low scoring affairs in the Tipster League we are back and with a bang. Just wait and see some of these results that we have managed. The leaders are being chased hard and let’s dive in to see the league is shaping up.

Before we take a look however there is a word of note, due to missing the deadline for his tips The Press Officer faced the penalty of having to have his tips picked by the Editor. Rules are rules and they are the same for everyone. He also failed to score any points in todays tips. Anyway, let’s dive in.

3:05pm – King Edward VII Stakes

1) Permian 6/1
2) Khalidi 10/1
3) Crystal Ocean 9/4 F

Straight away we have 3 points for The Fox, On The Outside and On Blast for picking Permian to win. Mr & Mrs Severn Sport pick up 1 point for picking Crystal Ocean to place. Both Bacon and Sweet Prince picked up 4 points for doing both, picking Permian to win and Crystal Ocean to place. A great start and more to come I am sure.

3:40pm – Commonwealth Cup

1) Caravaggio 10/11 F
2) Harry Angel 11/4
3) Blue Point 9/2

This is where we came good as a league. Everyone bar The Press Officer picked up at least 3 points. There were points for the winner for Bacon, On Blast, Mr & Mrs Severn Sport and Square Leg. Sweet Prince picked up 4 points for the reversed forecast and there were four competitors who picked up the full 5 points for the straight forecast with The Fox, The Bear, On The Outside and The Gee Gee Girls the beneficiaries.

5:00pm – Queen Vase

1) Stradivarius 11/2
2) Count Octave 8/1
3) Secret Advisor 10/1

Two competitors picked Count Octave to place meaning there was 1 point each for Bacon and The Gee Gee Girls. In fact these two were two of the four who actually picked up points on this race, with Square Leg and The Fox picking up 3 points apiece for the winner. The Fox in particular used this winner to further strengthen his tipster muscles!

So after a better fourth day for the league, here is how the table is shaping up.

So with one day left of the Royal Meeting it is two of the duos who are still pulling away from the pack with The Gee Gee Girls chasing the ever present leaders On The Outside. There were major movements for Sweet Prince who has gone from 5th to 3rd, Square Leg who is off the bottom but the main mover is The Fox who has moved from 9th to 4th, picking up 11 points today. With all to play for in tomorrow’s final day anything can happen!

Here are the all important races for tomorrow:

3:40pm – The Hardwicke Stakes

5:00pm – The Wokingham Stakes

5:35pm – The Queen Alexandra Stakes

And most importantly, as ever with the Tipster League the final race will be worth double points for the winner. Let’s make that clear, for any successful tip of the winner the tipsters will pick up 10 points before any bonus points are added, meaning that if it goes down to the final day literally anything can happen!

Join us tomorrow for the all about tips on the 5th and final day of the Royal Meeting at Ascot!

Ryan Butler