Cheltenham Festival 2017 – Betting on a Budget (3)

After yesterday’s fantastic day where I placed £11 and picked up £12, meaning I covered my stake for today and didn’t have to spend any money. The racing looked harder on first inspection and I couldn’t really decide on who to go for on each race. There were a few horses like Germany Calling, Lil Rockerfeller, Village Vic and Josses Hill who were running that caught my eye as they had won me money before so naturally I thought I’d try my hand with some familiar runners.

The day went pretty poorly as a whole. In the opener Yorkhill eased to a win and my place shot of Flying Angel was so badly hampered by a faller that Noel Fehily pulled him up. A side note at this point that in this and the RyanAir I decided to just back one horse across my bets as the fields were smaller meaning less for each way potential as I saw it. So let’s have a look at the £11 I staked.

Josses Hill 9/1 (2.50pm)
Collite Lass 25/1 (4.50pm)
What’s Happening 14/1 (5.30pm)
Tobefair 11/1 (2.10pm)

10p each way Lucky 15 = £3.00

All four of these horses came nowhere after promising so much at the start and during the early stages of the race. I was pretty consistent within this bet with that. Both Tobefair and Josses Hill especially looked good until about a third of the race left and faded away into the middle of the field come the finish. A frustrating bet that had provisionally promised so much.

Flying Angel 12/1 (1.30pm)
Rocklander 14/1 (2.10pm)
Village Vic 16/1 (4.10pm)
Ballyoptic 14/1 (3.30pm)

15p each way Lucky 15 = £4.50

This bet was the most disappointing of all of the bets I placed today. Flying Angel was a horse I expected more from, as I mentioned earlier he was hampered by a faller and ultimately pulled up. Rocklander and Village Vic were two horses I wanted to back and ultimately decided to back them after Day 3’s tips in the Severn Sport Tipster League (the results for today you can read here and Ballyoptic was a horse with raving reviews on the Racing Post and Timeform apps….boy were they wrong! Another bet with four losers. Horrendous.

Tango de Juilley 14/1 (4.10pm)
Lil Rockerfeller 33/1 (3.30pm)
Titi De Montmarte 33/1 (4.50pm)

15p each way Patent = £2.10

This bet was placed after a decent run at a patent yesterday. I decided to give the patent a second chance with two fairly big prices and a horse with bags of potential and had been backed in from 25/1 to 14/1 throughout the morning. Ultimately I have won £1.39 due to a magnificent run from Lil Rockerfeller who had the win snatched away at the end by a sensational Nichols Canyon on the straight. If he had held on the winnings would be a cool £6 but hey, any day where you aren’t picking up a penny is a bonus. I think the patent will see a run tomorrow. Or maybe I might just mix it up.

Germany Calling 100/1 (4.10pm)
Agrapart 80/1 (3.30pm)

20p ew singles & 1op ew double = £1.00

This was a little fun bet. A bet where I saw Germany Calling (as I said, a horse that has won me money before) and a randomly picked high odds horse. Why not give it a go? Well Agrapart pulled up and Germany Calling fell so it turned out to be a waste of a pound.

Along with these bets I also did a 20p each way 7 fold (as I did on the two previous days) and actually managed to pick 2 winners…albeit the two favourites ridden to victory by Ruby Walsh as well as two places. Unfortunately three of the horses failed to place so no dream 7 fold win for me. But I had fun throughout the day, watching once again some unbelievable horse racing and enjoying the relaxed feel of waking up, tipping horses for Severn Sport, putting some bets on and watching the racing. Its a lovely, relaxed life. But tomorrow is the big day, Gold Cup day. The races are fast and furious and hopefully I won’t be sinking like the rock (get it, The Rock…haha).

Check back on Severn Sport in the morning for Day 4’s tips as we all try to find the winner to one of the biggest events in the sporting calendar. And remember only bet what you can afford and always, always bet responsibly.