Cheltenham Festival 2017 – Betting on a budget (2)

Well. Today’s events at the Cheltenham Festival were unbelievable. We saw Douvan fall away in a major shock and also saw course specialists in Cause for Causes and Supasundae prove that Cheltenham form is a vital factor in picking a winner. I once again had a go, you just had to really.

Today saw me wake up bright and early to scour the racecards for my tips for the Tipster League (read the results from day two here and I patiently waited for Kelsey once again. Waited 90 minutes throughout the morning but I don’t hold a grudge….much.

So we made our way to Paddy Power once again – cause after the first day I couldn’t do much worse, right? I collected my 48p after a poor day yesterday and went about filling out my slips. I said to Kelsey the phrase that I hear in the back of my head
“This time I just need to not change my mind. That is what cost me yesterday.”
Let’s take a look at my bets and how today went for me.

Poker Play 16/1 (4,50pm)
Modus 14/1 (2.50pm)
Briery Belle 33/1 (2.1opm)
Alechi Inois 25/1 (4.10pm)

10p each way Lucky 15 = £3.00

This bet was designed to just try and test the water for a big odds placer. After witnessing a few 20/1+ places I thought I would get in on the action. It turned out to be pretty horrible in the end, with a clean sweep of losers. However, Modus did finish 6th when Paddy Power were paying 5 places in the race, it looked like being one of those days.

Messire Des Obeaux 10/1 (1.30pm)
Fox Norton 8/1 (3.30pm)
Western Ryder 10/1 (5.30pm)
Bless The Wings 11/1 (4.10pm)

15p each way Lucky 15 = £4.50

This bet is the one that sees me back on track. Firstly, Messire Des Obeaux finished third after battling hard to keep up with eventual winner Willoughby Court. Great start. Next it was the Fox Norton who I thought could challenge for a second place behind Douvan. However as it turned out I would be somewhat correct. Fox Norton finished second behind Special Tiara, in what was a special run for Tiara who lead from the off. Two places. Great!
The 4.10pm cross country was a joy to watch and a fantastic advert for the technical ability the jockeys need to have to win a long race. Cheltenham veteran Bless The Wings fought hard and battled from the middle of the pack to finish second behind Cause for Causes. Three places and we are in dreamland.
Western Ryder went on to finish 5th in a race that saw Paddy Power only pay out the first 4, oh well. It was still a great bet for me and saw me win (from roughly working out using a bet app) approximately £9. Great stuff!

Yesterday I put on a Trixie and explained the benefits of combination bets so I decided to try out a different one.

Hawk High 28/1 (2.50pm)
Top Gamble 40/1 (3.30pm)
Bon Papa 14/1 (1.30pm)

15p each way Patent = £2.10

A clean sweep of nothing in this bet. But the combination bet of a patent works well. It provides the same as a Trixie but with three singles, and with a 28/1 in a race paying 5 places and a 40/1 shot anything was possible. Still a very fun bet to watch.

Once again I dreamed big with a 7 fold accumulator. I got passed the first race but saw the next two races end with disappointment and the bet didn’t last long. Shout out to Cause for Causes and Special Tiara who were both winners. A filler bet to take me up to a round total of £10 spent.

Now, due to the fact I won a tiny bit of money yesterday and the fact there was a 26 runner race for the 2.50pm saw me interested in a single bet. Once I realized Paddy Power were paying 5 places on the race my mind was made up. I put on a 5op each way single on a horse called Scoir Mear at 20/1. Now the race was a mad race with a lot going on and Scoir Mear was miles back approaching the straight but managed to nab that 5th place winning me a solid £3, taking my total for the day to just shy of £12. Over the moon and Bacon is back on track, big time.

Bring on tomorrow!!

A reminder as always that if you are going to bet and have a punt to please take care and bet responsibly. Do not bet what you cannot afford, I have seen people over the years from both sides of the counter assume the next bet is going to be the winner. Stay in control and have fun. When the fun stops, you stop!