Cheltenham Festival 2017 – Betting on a budget (1)

So the first day of the Cheltenham Festival is over. All seven races completed and the first trophy’s and cup’s have been won. But on a day where some punters were put to the sword on a tricky opening day’s racing I take a look at how you can take part in the action without breaking the bank. Here is the opening edition of this year’s betting on a budget diary.

It started early on. 7am to be exact. I awoke and immediately went to work on the first lot of tips for our Tipster League. Afterwards myself and Severn Sport’s Kelsey De Maria went into Gloucester city centre for a spot of breakfast, Butler’s café in town….pretty horrendous 4/10.

Today’s bookmaker of choice was Paddy Power. No major reason other than the fact I enjoy the accessibility of the shop, it’s central location, the staff and also the fact for one winner on a lucky 15 you get treble the odds. Why would anyone go to places not offering this benefit in the event you couldn’t even pick your nose?
But I digress. Now thanks to the Tipster League I kind of knew who to look out for in the market, who would be popular and so on. As I was picking tips it meant that I actually had to have a decent look at the runners and riders….this turned out to be irrelevant when it came to the bets I made.

The point of the betting on a budget concept is to give myself a reasonable budget of a tenner a day for the four days so a total of £40. So what I wanted to do was show a variety of bets that invite you to have fun whilst being decent bets offering decent returns. Here is what I went for:

Royal Caviar 10/1 (2.10pm)
Petit Mouchoir 9/1 (3.30pm)
Beware The Bear 7/1 (4.50pm)
Henri Parry Morgan 11/1 (2.50pm)

15p each way Lucky 15 = £4.50

The bet turned out to be a disaster (as the whole day was) and I only saw Petit Mouchoir place. One place and three defeated, losing horses. This turned out to be the best of the bets which indicates how bad a day I had. So let’s see what else I backed today.

Lifeboat Mona 16/1 (4.10pm)
Captain Redbeard 22/1 (5.30pm)
Forest Bihan 22/1 (2.10pm)
Cilaos Emery 16/1 (1.30pm)

10p each way Lucky 15 = £3.00

So this ended up being a horrible bet as well. The top and bottom selections were made after reviewing the Severn Sport Tipster league tips for today….shows how much we know!! 4 losers.

Elgin 28/1 (1.30pm)
Sizing Tennessee 12/1 (5.30pm)
Jer’s Girl 10/1 (4.10pm)

25p each way Trixie = £2.00

Now this is a bet never before seen on any of my previous betting on a budget diaries. A Trixie is a combination bet made up of 4 bets, the 3 doubles and a treble. They can be quite cost effective as they can be fairly cheap yet effective as if you are getting any returns they tend to be higher than your stake as you aren’t betting on any singles. A very handy little bet. Finally I went for a 25p each way 7- fold accumulator for the whole day, my selections were:

River Wylde (1.30pm)
Charbel (2.10pm)
The Druids Nephew (2.50pm)
Brain Power (3.30pm)
Vroum Vroum Mag (4.10pm)
Champers on Ice (4.50pm)
It’safreebee (5.30pm)

Now only two of these horses placed. Horrendous. But we must remember these bets are made to have fun and I had a great afternoon watching the racing with Kelsey, comparing thoughts, opinions and tips on what we were watching. Tomorrow is a new day and I will be walking into Paddy Power to collect my 48p or whatever I have won and look to go again and have more fun. I am fortunate that I am in that position all because I bet within my means and if you stick to your budget and enjoy the fun of the game you can too.

Do not be like Kelsey who bet £50 on a horse and lost. He got carried away. Bless him. Until tomorrow though this concludes my diary entry and a reminder to bet responsibly and to (as the above shows you) ignore my tips!!