Gloucester Wrestling September Spectacular Review (2/9/16)


We’re here once again. Churchdown Communtiy Centre. This time for Gloucester Wrestling’s September Spectacular. The stage is set with posters and TV screens welcoming people into the arena. We know some of the matches already for tonight which include the debut of Gloucester freerunner Olly Lloyd as well as the first ever Gloucester Wrestling women’s match; all culminating with the Best In Gloucester Trophy match between the Champ, Savvy Sid Scala and the No 1 contender Jason Larusso. The crowd are set and Gilligan Gordan is the announcer for this evening. Lets get started.

Matt Lomaxx vs Lee Hunter

Crusher Lomaxx comes out to a chorus of boos, but that is how he likes it. The biggest, baddest monster in Gloucester Wrestling yet when he has been in one on one action I haven’t seen him win…maybe it will change tonight? His opponent is one half of the Hunter Brothers, Lee Hunter. He comes out, working the crowd with his half and half pants. Studs in his stretched ears but he obviously gave up a lot of size to Lomaxx. The bell rings and they’re off.
A nice quick note, Hunter got to the top rope in front of us, pointed to me and said I should be facing Lomaxx not him. Oh Lee, I would but I don’t want to hurt Lomaxx and health and safety issues and what not.

Lomaxx refused to take his leather vest jacket off. Stating to the ref “this won’t take long” love it! What a heel. Hunter gets in his face, pushes him in the chest and calls Lomaxx a coward, Lomaxx goes nuts and hauls the jacket off. They lock up, Lomaxx pulls Hunter’s hair to gain leverage, textbook heel moves. After Hunter complaining to the ref he grabs Lomaxx’s beard and pulls it, turning the tables on Lomaxx. Great comedy spot.
In the opening half of the match it was all about Lomaxx’s strength and something that won’t be mentioned as quickly is Lomaxx’s agility. He was on fire. I thought the end had arrived early after Lomaxx had hit a big splash on Hunter, must have been a 2 and three quarters. Then a just as close near fall after Hunter went for a diving crossbody, was caught and was slammed to the mat by Matt. Again pushing a 2 and a half count.

Hunter came back into it. Hit a standing dropkick to knock the big man off his stride, yet Lomaxx didn’t go down. Hunter managed to get the big man off his feet by hitting a double axe handle off all four corners. Nice spot. Lomaxx kicked out but was caught with a springboard cross body, got tucked under and pinned, 1 2 3.

Winner via pinfall – Lee Hunter

After the match Lomaxx is livid, he felt it was only a two count. He just didn’t power out quick enough. Gordon is back in the ring and we’re ready for the next contest, a match Gordon describes as “an honour to introduce” and he says that this will be a technical wrestling showcase. The expectancy rises.

Olly Lloyd vs James Mason

Seasoned veteran James Mason comes out high fiving the crowd. The Oxford man looks pumped. Next out is Olly Lloyd, Gloucester freerunning sensation. Out comes the young man, fresh faced and he tells Gloucester to make some noise. What a showman.

Olly Lloyd and James Mason put on a technical wrestling showcase
Olly Lloyd and James Mason put on a technical wrestling showcase

Early on in the match it was all about Mason’s strength and experience. Mason has been there and done that, he is the bigger man. Mason’s hands are huge by the way. The technical wrestling came out pretty quickly as both men exchanged old school wrist locks, with Mason even pulling out the wrist lock and hand bending that is a calling card for the English technical style that you can see in WWE’s Cruiserweight classic when you watch Zac Sabre Jr. Both men applauded each other and shook hands. Typical British sportsmanship that brought a tear to my eye. The only way I could have been more proud and patriotic would have been if I was drinking a cup of tea and queuing up for something that wasn’t exciting. YES! This is what we want, a test of strength. The athleticism was frightening as the test of strength was used by Mason as a pin attempt, Mason pushing Lloyd to the mat with his strength. Lloyd to be fair to him pushed back and countered into a bridge pin. Close calls all over the place.

As the match wore on Lloyd was getting frustrated, frustrated by Mason’s experience. Mason was countering all over the place, suddenly Lloyd hit a springboard crossbody into a hip toss. Lloyd then hit a missile dropkick sending Mason sprawling to the outside.
The momentum shifted however when Mason decided to bring out the ground and pound style, culminating in Mason slapping in a beautiful Boston crab. Mason let slip of the lock but whacked on an inverted Indian leg lock. The improvisation here is outstanding. Lloyd gets to the ropes and tried to build momentum. Lloyd went for a springboard crossbody but Mason rolled through it and similarly to Hunter in the match before tucked Lloyd in for the 3 count.

Winner via pinfall – James Mason

After the match Mason grabs the mic and says that he was wrestled for years all over the world and he bigged up Lloyd’s ability. He said “this guy is just 16 years old” wow. Speechless. That match was amazing as it was but to know Olly Lloyd is just 16 years old is frightening. This kid can go anywhere he wants with wrestling from that showing.

Gordon announces match number three and the main event of the first part. And it’s the best in Gloucester Trophy match. Out comes Larusso looking dashing with his new shorter hair. Speaking to the participants beforehand I know how pumped Larusso is for tonight. This could be a show stealer. Next out, the champ. Sid Scala. He looks in unbelievable shape, out with his flair and flamboyancy that we have come to expect from the Savvy one. Let’s go!

Severn Sport Best In Gloucester Trophy Match – Sid Scala (c) vs Jason Larusso

Sid being the champion he is goes for a handshake. Larusso rejected it, slapping Sid’s hand away. They lock up and early on Sid gets the advantage, used his cunning to trick Larusso before catching him with an elbow. Sid goes to work on Larusso’s chest. Slaps thundering around the community centre. Larusso rolls away to the corner and begs for a timeout. Larusso told the crowd to shut up as they were telling Sid not let him have one. He then pulled Sid by the trunks into the turnbuckle. Inside I’m applauding that utter heelish behaviour. Awesome. Jason started to take control after a sunset flip attempt by Sid from the apron turned into a counter takedown. Jason went to work on Sid and then put on Sid’s jacket and flatcap doing an impression of the Savvy one. Incredible. This is Jericho-worthy. Larusso worked on Sid’s knee, wrapping it round the rope in the corner and went as far as kicking his knee, looked painful. Jason pulled him out of the corner and hit a beautiful suplex for a nearfall. Sid out of nowhere went for a roll up and nearly had him.

Larusso began to get frustrated. He slapped Sid and said “you can’t beat me” before slapping Sid in a old legged Boston crab. Sid managed to squirm it round into a small package. Close! Larusso goes back to work on Sid’s knee, wrapping his leg round a ring post. Sid sold it well. Larusso went to the top rope to gloat, he pointed to the crowd and shouted “when I beat him I beat all of you” spoken like a true heel. Larusso went for the Boston crab again but Sid countered. The turning point! Sid caught Larusso with a diving dropkick from the top. Sid is looking for it, stunner!!! Countered superbly into a Boston crab. Larusso is turning up tonight!! Sid gets to the ropes and Larusso is livid, so frustrated and he seems desparate. He picks up Sid but then STUNNER!! 1! 2! 3! AND STILL THE CHAMP!!

Winner via pinfall and still BEST IN GLOUCESTER TROPHY CHAMPION – Sid Scala

Sid Scala is still Severn Sport Best In Gloucester champion
Sid Scala is still Severn Sport Best In Gloucester champion

Post match an upper class sounding theme hits, my god is that the harpsichord I can hear? How elegant. An elegant cape wearing gentleman walks out. He grabs the mic, a posh sounding voice explains that he is Jonathan Windsor and he wasn’t meant to debut until December but he was here to make a statement. He explained that he is connected to the Windsor family due to his father Reginald Windsor. Windsor explains that when his family wants something they will pay to get it. He continues that his daddy bought him trophies all of his life and now Reginald has paid Gloucester Wrestling a handsome sum of money to allow Jonathan a Best In Gloucester Trophy match in December. Sid being the true champ he is looks excited at the prospect. So we have our main event for the December 11th show. And with that Windsor departs. And we head to the intermission.

Post intermission we are set for the next three matches, including the first ever Gloucester Wrestling women’s match. But for now match four, Gilligan Gordon introduces the participants.

Travis Banks vs Buzzsaw Bronson

Both men are out. As soon as Banks entered the ring Bronson attacked him before the bell and was on him straight away. The match begins with fast action. Hard shoulder tackles come in from either men. Banks gets the upper hand and goes to work on Bronson in the corner. He goes for a ten count of punches but gets to 4 before being countered by Bronson who sharpishly sends Banks to German suplex city by launching him around three times in quick succession. Banks countered and kick a dropkick to Bronson, sending Buzzsaw into the corner. I can’t take my eyes off the match as Banks launches himself into running forearms and a cannonball as Bronson sunk to mat. Banks picks Bronson up and hits a German suplex of his own. What a match!! Banks goes for the Irish whip, Bronson counters and HITS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPINEBUSTER EVER!! That was as good as Triple H’s turning spinebuster. Fantastic from the big man. And Bronson scouts Banks and attempts the F5, countered into a running knee. Banks hooks Bronson with a fisherman’s suplex for the win!

Winner via pinfall – Travis Banks

After the match Kelsey De Maria turned to me and said “they have booked Bronson to look really weak here” then suddenly Banks is attacked by Bronson. Before going for Banks though Bronson pushed over Gilligan Gordon with a thunderous force. Turned his attention to Banks, he attacks him on the outside and gets him up for an F5, bang, straight into the ringpost. And that is how you book a wrestler to lose and still look strong. Amazing. *A side note that this match was fairly short but it was so effective. Crazily good. Gilligan Gordon introduces the next match, a historical match. The first ever women’s contest.

Chardonnay vs Aurora Skye

Two very beautiful women come out. Chardonnay in her leopard print and baseball cap resides from “anywhere that you people arent” beautiful!! Two young boys (must be no older than 5) are starting at Chardonnay, eyes wide mouth open. I think, they were in love. Everytime Skye got any offence in they would shout NO and get off her. These two were amazing!! In the ring Chardonnay played the heel role well, telling the crowd to shut up as much as she could.

Chardonnay and Aurora Skye made Gloucester Wrestling history last night!!
Chardonnay and Aurora Skye made Gloucester Wrestling history last night!!

The match began with quick snapmares by Skye and she took control fairly early on. A test of strength and lock up saw Chardonnay pull Skye down via her hair. Chardonnay went to work with ground and pound technique on Skye. Skye came back into it though and hit a swift inzuguri into a dropkick sending Chardonnay into the corner, Skye followed it up with a running splash. The match is going back and forth throughout, Chardonnay sent Skye to the outside and got annoyed with how slow the referee was counting her out, in her defence he got to 4 and for some reason started again. Skye went to the top rope as Chardonnay was arguing with the ref about his counting, Chardonnay scouted it and used the ref as a shield, Aurora tried to get to her but having pushed the referee into her Chardonnay rolled Skye up for the 3 count.

Winner via pinfall and making history – Chardonnay

That result meant the two boys next to me are a Iestyn Rees win away from going home the happiest they have ever been. Speaking of Rees its now time for our main event.

Irresistible Iestyn Rees vs Sensational Saul Adams

Adams told the crowd to shut up as Rees came to the ring. Adams already has won me over. Early on during the lock up Adams complained that Rees was pulling his hair, he wasn’t. Great heel move. Similarly to the Bronson match this match started with a fairly fast pace. Shoulder blocks all over the place. Both men stare each other down, Adams got in Rees’ face and said he will go through him like a train. Rees tried to shoulder block Adams but Adams didn’t go down. This obviously led to a test of strength. Adams ducked out, he wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Loving this heel display tonight!! They locked up again and bang, Adams is all over Rees. Love it. Forcing Rees into the corner. He chops Rees who laughs in Adams’ face and said he didn’t even feel it. Rees flurried and hit a beautiful brainbuster on Adams. Adams dodged a clothesline, sent Rees to the outside. Rees looks hurt, concern from refs and Gordon on the outside. The count begins. Rees got back in at 9 to Adams’ disgust.

The match continued to be back and forth until the fight spilled outside. Adams Irish whipped Rees into the ring post and Rees fell into the crowd. Adams is all over this!! Adams then pushed the ref over but yet there wasn’t a DQ? Insanity.
Back in the ring Adams hit Rees with a Sensational knee drop but to even my surprise Rees got the shoulder up. He kicked out again after a massive suplex by Adams, Adams complained that it was three but that one of the closest two counts I’ve ever seen. Rees is still in this. And the comeback is on. A massive clothesline into a big back body drop. Iestyn looks for the spear but Adams sends him into the post. Adams goes to the top rope and hit a mammoth leg drop, it has to be over surely? No, Rees lives. Adams hits a swinging side slam and gets frustrated when Rees shoulders up again. Rees counters Adams’ punches and hits a whopping big boot to Adams’ jaw, into a huge spear. And its over.

Winner via pinfall – Iestyn Rees

After the match Adams storms to the back after shouting at the crowd. Rees thanks the crowd for coming out tonight and hypes the December 11th show. And that was the end of the show.

Another great show and with so many new performers coming in by the show, Gloucester Wrestling is expanding which is exciting to see.

Star Performer – Jason Larusso

Best Newcomer – Saul Adams

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Ryan Butler