Ryan’s Not So Super Sunday

Today is Sunday 4th October 2015. Today is a massive day in the football calendar with not only the Premier League boasting a spat of big games for us football fans to sink our teeth into. Now while Matt Yates the boss is living it up in London for the first of the International Series games in the NFL I am sat here noting my day living it up as a major sportaholic. I am sat here currently at 1.25pm awaiting the much anticipated first leg of the Sky Sports Super Sunday, the Merseyside derby.
But ahead of that I am watching a game where Fulham appear to be on the brink of messing this game up away at Charlton Athletic. They went 2-0 up thanks to a couple of cool finishes. After former Man Utd midfielder Ryan Tunnicliffe reacted quickest to a Ross McCormack free kick that was spilled it was the striker who doubled the lead with a smart left footed drive….all that journalism stuff is done now for the current events, Johnnie Jackson has just come flying on and scored within about 4 seconds of being on the pitch, its 2-1. A game Fulham have pretty much controlled from about 5 minutes in onwards is in danger of finishing a desmond. Surely not? Screw it I’ll put the Liverpool game on and come back to this later.

The teams are out and Lukaku looks pumped, as do most of the players but Lukaku could be one to score today. In fact my anytime scorer double would be Lukaku and Rooney today. No idea what price Lukaku was but I know that BetFred were giving Rooney anytime as long as 9/4, anyway before they kick off here are my betting tips for today. Take note, my tips of Stoke to beat Villa at 2/1, Birmingham to beat Leeds at 3/1 and Reading to beat Middlesbrough at 6/4 all came in yesterday so who knows.

Everton vs Liverpool; Liverpool to win & both teams to score at about 4/1 on the high street

Arsenal vs Man Utd; Rooney to score anytime at 9/4 with BetFred

Ryan’s Treble: Man Utd, Real Madrid & PSG all to win today

What a feisty start to this game, screw it lets check the Fulham game and OH MY GOD IT WAS A DESMOND! How on earth did Fulham not win that game? Wow. What a day this is going to be!!!

Desmond at the Valley!!!

So its half time of the early game and its 1-1. As I said Lukaku will score. He cancelled out Danny Ings’ header but I’m sat here livid that I didn’t whack some money on a Rooney and Lukaku anytime double, I mean I just got paid on Friday for gods sake. Anyway, its been a really good game thus far, tackles flying in, goals galore and for once Martin Atkinson is actually letting a big game flow for once….yes, I did just call this a big game, come on be nice. Anyway I still fancy Liverpool here but the second half is going to be mostly Everton I am sure. The half time bet is for there to be a red card, probably Emre Can or Ross Barkley after they had a tussle but did you see Sakho charging in? I’d have messed my shorts to be honest. He was like a bull who had seen red. Well I need to sort my washing out before the second half and we will watch this second half and see how it pans out. Also its the L’arc de Triomphe at 2:55pm so I better check it out, come on Found!

Well would you believe it! Frankie Dettori has just won the Arc with Golden Horn. A horse I openly wrote off at the bookies this week and I tell you what, that was an unbelievable ride. Treve the wonder mare came absolutely nowhere! Frankie Dettori, wow. Found came nowhere either…I think. Which means my French lucky 15 has had two losers with two left, uh oh! They called Flintshire each way too and it finished 2nd clearly the BetFred studio guys know what they are talking about. Oh well, back to the football….oh, James McCarthy is receiving treatment I have clearly missed nothing. Now I will leave you so I can decide on two things, 1) how to save my losing bets and 2) which pizza shall I order from Dominos.

As the clock ticks onto 80:00 in the Liverpool game I have realised after checking the scores around Europe that I am just a Palermo goal (3-0 to Roma) and a Liverpool goal away from winning £100. Never in my life have I wanted Liverpool to win a game than I do right now! If there is any form of justice in this world one of their average players like Lucas or Joe Allen or whoever will score. If it is Daniel Sturridge then I will tell everyone I told you so in regards to my post last week about English strikers. Come on you Red Men! Also I’d like to point out that I said to my good friend Thomas in Paddy Power (the rival) that PSV would beat Ajax, he disagreed and PSV are beating Ajax 2-1 currently. If they hold on it will be another win for the Bonus King over Paddy No-power.

89th minute, Palermo have scored. This means that Liverpool are absolutely f***ing me here. I cannot believe this, the team I despise most of all in the world are going to cost me £100. I hate you Liverpool. I hate you Martin Skrtel. I hate you Steven Gerrard. I hate you Robbie Fowler. I hate you Ian Rush. I hate you Kenny Dalglish. Unreal scenes as Sakho winds up Lukaku and Lukaku looks like he is about to handout a good old fashioned Belgian beat down. However there is one thing that will lighten my mood, the realisation that we now live in a world where the Lord Saviour Sam Allardyce is one step nearer to his second coming, his return to football as Sunderland have officially become what we already knew about them, Dickless after it has been announced that Dick Advocaat has quit. Once again the Messiah is coming home to football, where he belongs. Its over, full time 1-1. I hate Liverpool and United better win or this is the worst day ever!

How much do I love Big Sam? This much…

Well, 5 minutes in and Arsenal are 1-0 up. United haven’t been out of their half and this is turning into a shocker of a day. Such a slow start for United, but Arsenal have been all over United…..and its 2-0. Unbelievable. All over the place at the back and suddenly this day gets worse and worse. Louis Van Gaal sort this out. For the love of god.

United lost 3-0 apparently. Nothing really happened of note between 4:15 and 6 but yeah United will be alright I’m not too sad because of one thing. Brendan Rodgers has been sacked by Liverpool. Trust Liverpool to make me feel better. They owed me for not winning today and costing me money so I am thankful they gave me some fantastic news to make me feel better after United got a hiding. For those who wanted to know I had a chicken and bacon topped hotdog stuffed crust from Dominos.

Sorry back-bencher, speak up...
The Lord Saviour Big Sam sounds out the haters

Things I have learned today. 1) Man Utd need to play with width and pace, two attributes currently missing from their performances. 2) The managerial merry-go-round has begun and 3) Big Sam is going to save the day like the prophecy depicts. In fact I have taken serious thought into starting a new religion, a religion devoted to the beliefs of Sam Allardyce. In the book of Big Sam he decrees that performances don’t matter as much as winning games. Big Sam’s word shall be spread, Big Sam be praised.

Big Sam mocks his opponents and rules with an iron fist

So that was my Sunday. It was horrendously worse than Matt’s I’m sure. Don’t miss out on more Severn Sport content over the next week, including Matt’s views on his day out to Wembley.

Ryan Butler