Be Proud To Be OK, It’s OK

The football season is in full swing now and my team, Wolverhampton Wanderers, are giving the fans the run around again. When I tell someone I’m a Wolves fan i usually get the “Really?! Well I suppose someone has too!” or “well that has its ups and downs!” Yes it does, quite literally, its very rare that the mighty gold and black of Wolverhampton aren’t either battling for promotion or trying to avoid relegation, and its great, I wouldn’t change it for anything!

This season more than before I’ve started to notice those teams who just seem to be in the same division season after season, going about their work but not actually gaining promotion or looking threatened by relegation.


Okay ‘OK’

‘in a satisfactory manner or to a satisfactory extent.’
synonyms: all right, fine, well, well enough, satisfactorily, passably, tolerably, acceptably


I don’t know why this season i’ve just spotted this but I have and I feel its time to point out these OK teams, these warriors who season after season consistently perform OK. This isn’t to poke fun or say these teams are bad, this is to celebrate the average amongst the yo-yo teams, the average amongst the money splashers, these teams are amongst the most consistent in the country, lets stand up and say, “We are proud to be just OK!”


I’m going to start in the Championship with a team with a massive history. Nottingham Forest. They’ve been in the Championship since 2008 and prior to a 3 season stay in League one, they had been in the 2nd tier of English football since 1999. They have a season of pushing for the play-offs, fail and fall back to mediocrity. Mid to top half finishes for the last couple of seasons but nothing of real note over the past few seasons. A club like Forest have had glory days and looking at the cycle of their Championship season they’re either due a playoff push or a relegation battle soon but at the moment they’re doing OK, a calming season ahead for the reds with 2 wins 2 draws and 2 defeats from their first 6 games this season, you have to say they are consistent.



Back to the top flight now and a side that have been in it since 1988 with out a league title or relegation. Aston Villa. They’re a safe bet for a mid-table finish season after season. A relegation battle last season, which was easily avoided in the end, gave fans a bit of interest, noted unwanted interest, but for the first time in a while they weren’t just OK there were a little worse. They were one of the winners of the Intertoto cup back in 2008 and have had a couple of seasons in the Europa league qualifying stages but pretty much since 2009 they have been OK with some decent players such as, Christian Benteke, Ashley Young and Darren Bent but never really troubled the top 4. A win, a draw and 3 defeats to start this season, it’s looking like much the same for the Villans.



Accrington Stanley? Who are they? Exactly! They’re the next side in my proud to be OK celebration actually. Gaining promotion back to the football league in 2006, from the then Football Conference, they’ve been League 2 through and through. Flirting with the chance of promotion just once back in 2011 losing out to Stevenage in the Semi-final. Apart from that bottom/mid-table finishes only managing to climb as high at 14th in 8 seasons. Although they’ve had interesting cup form beating higher league opposition, Nottingham Forest and Watford back in the early 2010’s. Not a bad start to the season for them, sitting in tenth at the moment with 2 wins, 4 draws and 1 defeat so far.



League 1 now and it can only be Walsall. The side from The Midlands have been in the 3rd tier of English football since 2007 and prior to a season stop in league 2 they had been in league 1 since 2004. They have only managed to reach as high as 9th in the table since then with one 20th place finish avoiding a drop in 2010. Despite the average league form they gave their fans a day out at Wembley last season as they lost in the JPT final to Bristol City. Apart from that nothing to really shout about regarding cup competitions either. They’ve started well this season with 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat leaving them 2nd so far.  But no doubt about it these are probably the most average OK side of them all. Well done.



So there we have the teams who compete across the Football League who are just consistently OK. Yes they give fans excitement here and there but on the whole you can safely go season after season knowing, we’re not going to go down, but as always with that football fan anticipation, could you, maybe, be better than OK?

Let us know your OK sides, we want to celebrate them all! @severnsport –