Top 10 Sports Theme Tunes – Part 2

We’ve had Test Match Special, Snooker and Ski Sunday what is till to come? We’ll read on for the top 5 sports theme tunes rated by Severn Sport. Remember you can tell us what you think should be in the top 10, which ones you love an which you hate on our twitter @SevernSport.


5. Formula 1 (BBC)

Number 5 is the Formula 1 BBC theme tune. The BBC had this theme tune up until ITV won the UK rights from the 1997 season. The BBC won it back in 2008 and the iconic theme tune returned. Since 2012 the BBC have shared the F1 rights with Sky Sports. The BBC theme tune is a section of Fleetwood Mac’s song, The Chain and it has become famously linked to F1.


4. Wimbledon (BBC)

The reason why I thought of doing this count down, the Wimbledon theme tune. Novak Djokovic has just won his third Wimbledon title, that wasn’t important for me, Murray did well, nope still not good. I wanted to see how the iconic Wimbledon theme would measure up against some the rest of the best. Number 4, I believe there are 3 better than this. Again the BBC have chosen a cracking theme song for their sports coverage. Strawberries and cream, pimms, BBQ’s and more plus watching from the comfort of our sofas there is the added bonus of seeing BBC’s iconic opening theme, which despite showing its age never loses its appeal.


3. The Champions League (UEFA Worldwide)

This is one that we just could not miss out, the very iconic Champions League theme tune. Tuesday and Wednesday night TV’s blasting this out, men and women around the world singing along, screaming “THE CHAMPIONS’ at the end of it, thank god its not followed by Adrian Chiles any more. The song is simply titled “Champions League” with music taken from the G F Handel piece, Zadok the Priest, and given a modern arrangement by English composer Tony Britten in 1992. It is played before all TV broadcasts of the tournament around the world. This theme tune it just brilliant, it sets the atmosphere and anticipation before the game has even started!


2. Grandstand (BBC)

Grandstand, Rest in peace. Running from 1958 to 2007, the BBC showed Grandstand on Saturday afternoons covering all of the days sport finishing off with the classified football results in it’s “Final Score’ part of the program which gave us, on screen, the English and Scottish football results as they came in on the iconic vidiprinter. YES this program gave us the vidiprinter. Any way the theme tune, known by all, a brilliant tune and the sound of Saturday afternoons for many generations.


1. Match Of The Day

Top of the charts is of course, Match Of The Day. One of the longest running BBC shows ever, its been on our screens since August 1964 but has only adapted the current theme since 1970, but once again the BBC has chosen a very good theme tune which has stood the test of time.

The current theme tune for the series is called “Match of the Day” and was written especially for the programme in 1970 by Barry Stoller. It has become such a part of British culture that it is associated not just with the programme but football in general – in a similar way to number 7 in our count down, Test Match Special’s use of “Soul Limbo” becoming associated with cricket.

Stoller’s brief was simply to write “something good”; the short closing fanfare occurred to him first. “Those fanfare harmonies give the music a gladiator feel,” he wrote in 2014, “akin to entering the ancient games arena in Rome with all its expectations.” The tune was recorded by him, a drummer and a trumpeter in the basement recording studio of his home. In May 2010 PRS for Music revealed that the Match of the Day theme tune is the most recognisable in the UK.


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