Gloucester Wrestling Show 2: 28th June 2015

Yesterday afternoon as the sky was full of sun, drizzles of rain and most importantly anticipation. Anticipation for what was the second ever Gloucester Wrestling show at the Churchdown Community Centre. All the action would be building up to the main event, a no disqualification match between Iestyn Rees and Buzzsaw Bronson. The match that was made last time out after Rees defeated Bronson in the debut Gloucester Wrestling show back in April. After the match Bronson decided to play dirty and attempted to take Rees out with a chair, Rees turned the tables and challenged the fleeing Bronson much to the crowd’s excitement.

Sunday’s show opened with the introduction from the ever dedicated ring announcer. The first competitor out was The Fame Robbie Caine. The Welshman came out to a mixture of boos and cheers, the latter became overpowered by the boos after he called us all “England mugs” and continued to slate our fine nation and tell us that “the Welsh are taking over.” A highlight was during his fine speeches was after Caine said that we were all “English sheep” to which Penno turns to us and said “Does mean he’d shag us?” A small bit of adult humour never hurt anyone. His opponent came out next to a resounding cheer, from the tag team The Lionhearts, Eddie Ryan.

Eddie Ryan vs Robbie Caine – This match showcased the talents and abilities of both men. And it was Caine who dominated the early exchanges, silencing the crowd by putting Ryan in all sorts of trouble. After Caine hit Ryan with a swinging neckbreaker I thought it was over. Nearly was but Ryan showed some more fight out of nowhere. The match was slowly slipping away from the Lionheart, Ryan just couldn’t mount any serious offence due to Caine overpowering and reading everything that was thrown at him. Caine went to put Ryan away but was met with a counter clothesline and suddenly the match was open again.

With both men down the crowd got behind Ryan, cheering him on as the offence came and the end came following a perfectly executed suplex. Caine kicked out and Ryan sensed the opportunity was here to finish it, he stalked the Welshman, lining up a superkick, but Caine once again had it scouted went for a clothesline was dodged by Ryan and just like that, in came Eddie Ryan’s foot up to the jaw of Caine and the match was over.

Winner by Pinfall – Eddie Ryan

The participants of the opening match clear the ring and the announcer tells us that they will be selling raffle tickets, first prize are two tickets for the 4FW show in Swindon next month. A prize myself, Penno and Kelsey crave due to the main event of Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio. Unreal. Iestyn Rees is then introduced to the crowd and he comes out to discuss the main event. He hyped up the fact that Bronson tried to play dirty. Rees told us that if Bronson wants to fight dirty then Rees is ready for everything Bronson has to throw at him. He departs and as the excitement for the main event quietens down the next match is set up and introduced. First out, the other half of the Lionhearts, Jason Larusso. Like his partner Eddie Ryan earlier on he receives a resounding reception as he gets ready for his opponent. What was to happen next surprised me, as the man introduced as weighing in at 120 “apples and pears,” upon hearing that I thought to myself “what the hell is going to happen.” And out came the Messiah. The hero of the day. The man who literally stole the show, Sid Scala.


Just imagine a man, small in stature, huge in character coming out to the stage looking like a teenage Del Boy but with double the charisma, double the ambition, double the wrestling ability. The best part of his attire was the scooter. Picture a yellow scooter, emulating the infamous three wheeled car the Trotters cruise around in. It was obvious young Sid didn’t enjoy the lack of respect he got upon his entrance from the audience, all except for the three Severn Sport members sat by the stage. Sid Scala in his priceless “gear” which the referee and announcer both tried to take out of the corner, the fools. Of course they were jealous that they weren’t able to afford let alone get their hands on the finest silk shirt that Scala was sporting. Obviously, I understood and completely got on the same page as Sid due to the fact I am not from Gloucester, obviously the public from the Shire don’t get what it takes to be a geezer. Anyway the match starts and we’re underway.

Sid Scala vs Jason Larusso – Early on, unsurprisingly it was all Scala. He was all over Larusso like a rash. Despite having the size advantage Larusso’s wrestling ability was no match for Scala. Scala was even nice enough to hide under the ring for a while to let Larusso catch his breath. What an absolute gentleman this cockney was. Larusso got a lucky shot in and held Scala down in an armbar and was fortunately interrupted. Scala would have undoubtedly countered and taken control once again of the match had it not been for the interruption from the most dominant tag team I’ve seen, The Bruisers. Gilligan Gordon slated both Larusso and Scala, he said that the people of Gloucester were here to see real men, proper wrestling action and not to see them. Gordon then gave the men in the ring two options, 1) to both be beaten up as individuals or 2) to team up and get destroyed together.

Sid Scala & Jason Larusso vs The Bruisers – Going against his better judgement Larusso decided to join forces with the superior man in Sid Scala. They shook hands and set their sights on the Bruisers. But as they turned they were blind sided by the bigger men, however they soon countered and sent the Bruisers fleeing out of the ring to gather themselves as the underdogs were out to cause an upset.

However it wasn’t too long before Matt Lomaxx took control over Sid Scala. The physical dominance kicked in and suddenly The Bruisers were doing what they do best, the isolation and breakdown of their opponents. Scala was being slaughtered in front of our very eyes. He needed to tag Larusso, desperately. After Gordon went up high looking for a double team move on Scala which the hero countered, Gordon ended up on the mat after getting a crotch ful of Lomaxx’s face, and the tag was made.

Larusso hit the hot tag and started to mount some offence for the underdogs and hit Gordon with a superb dive through the ropes onto the floor in front of us. When Scala went to do the same Lomaxx intervened. However after Scala got free Larusso hit Lomaxx with an RKO, Diamond Cutter, Insert name here finisher. As he stood the hero of the day Scala tagged himself in and covered Lomaxx for the 1-2-3. The Winner of the match Sid Scala….Jason Larusso helped, but Scala was the real winner.

Winner by Pinfall – Sid Scala & Jason Larusso

After the match Scala celebrated on the steps next to us. He knew we loved what he did and had been with him the whole way. By the end of the match cries of “Sid! Sid! Sid!” were echoing through the community centre. Larusso laughed off the fact Scala celebrated like he did it all on his own and had a moment as equally as iconic as the Rock and Hulk Hogan’s confrontation back in 2002, when he handed Scala his scooter and joined in the celebrations. What a way to head to the intermission.

We return from the intermission, all refreshed with fresh pints. We are getting closer to the main event but the next match is introduced. Big Grizzly is introduced to the crowd and out comes the biggest, hairiest, scariest looking guy of the night. The King of the Grizzlies looks angry, he looks like he is up for a fight. Out comes his opponent, all the way from Tredworth, Gloucester. It’s Charlie Garrett. Out comes quite frankly a young man who looked perfect. Not a single hair out of place, a physique to die for a gorgeous tan. He looked like the Gloucester equivalent to a young John Cena. This is going to be one hell of a fight.

Big Grizzly vs Charlie Garrett – This match quickly turned into a test of strength for young Garrett. He had the speed and agility, as his perfectly executed dropkicks suggested, but you knew if Big Grizzly could use his ground and pound offence to dominate the match then it would simply be academic. Grizzly gained the upperhand pretty soon and even started taunting yours truly in the crowd, for applauding him. Apparently he doesn’t need my help! Well he looked like he needed it pretty soon after when Garrett sent him sprawling out of the ring to catch a break.

But after Garrett went up top for a twisting dragonsault and missed, it was Big Grizzly who took control and hit Garrett with the Kevin Owens-esque pop up powerbomb. And that was all she wrote. It turned out he didn’t need my help after all.

Winner by Pinfall – Big Grizzly

Yes, he may not have needed my help but Big Grizzly doesn’t want me as an enemy. He isn’t so tough! I just hope he wouldn’t be too intimidated to return to the Churchdown community centre anytime soon as I will be waiting!


Just in between matches the announcer calls out the winning tickets from the raffle. Penno has bought like ten tickets and said the quote “Not many people have bought tickets, I have a great shot.” The winners are announced and believe it or not we win nothing. Not even close. Oh well, the main event is here and this is going to be a brawl. Out comes Buzzsaw Bronson, waving his belt around as a sign of what was to come. He circled the ring, taunting the crowd, he picked on children and even shouted in ones face for touching his glasses. Iestyn Rees comes flying out and immediately goes straight after Bronson before the bell even rings and we are underway.

Iestyn Rees vs Buzzsaw Bronson – No Disqualification – Just like the match back in April these two went for it constantly. They both brought their A games and pretty much left everything they had in the ring. Bronson immediately grabbed his belt and set his sights on making Rees pay. He wrapped the belt round his fists and nailing Rees over the head repeatedly with it. Rees tried to get a couple of counter punches in but Bronson ended up wrapping the belt round Rees’ neck and choking the local boy, punishing him. The belt was in use again soon after when Bronson started whipping Rees all over the back, leaving marks on him. It looked and sounded so painful. Soon after Rees’ head was bouncing off the wall as the fight spilled out into the crowd.

As both men exchanged offence it was Bronson who took control once again with a powerslam onto the floor. Then suddenly Bronson was gone. He returned with a makeshift table with obvious evil intentions. It wasn’t looking good for Rees who was struggling to gain any sort of control in the match at all. Bronson bounced Rees’ skull off the ringpost and this was looking simple, looking like Bronson was about to send the crowd home in shock. The table was leant up in the corner and Bronson was stalking Rees. I’d say we were about 10 seconds away from the end of this match but out of nowhere Rees countered and managed to turn the tables on Bronson, setting him up for a win out of nowhere when suddenly out came Big Grizzly and Robbie Caine from the crowd. The three on one beat down was a despicable act and a horrendous way to win. Bronson called for a triple powerbomb and Rees was about to taste table when suddenly the cavalry came flying out. The Lionhearts Ryan and Larusso accompanied by the hero once again Sid Scala, scooter in hand. A fight broke out at all parts, Sid was hitting everything that god damn moved with his scooter and The Lionhearts were taking care of business.

The interferers ended up fighting all the way to the back, leaving Rees and Bronson alone in the ring. Bronson was lining up a spear, Iestyn Rees’ signature move. But ultimately it was Bronson who was speared through the table and Iestyn Rees’ goes 2 and 0 against Buzzsaw Bronson for Gloucester Wrestling.

Winner by Pinfall – Iestyn Rees
And that concluded the second Gloucester Wrestling show. The heroic announcer thanked the crowd for coming out and reminded us that the next show will be on the 11th of September when we will have the Severn Sport Best In Gloucester Trophy. A show which we are all excited for and a show that will by massive, will be huge. All I know is if there was any justice in this world the Severn Sport guy, Sid Scala will be there. As will you!
Ryan Butler