The Fight Of The Century

Saturday May 2nd 2015, the biggest fight in the history of boxing will take place at the world famous MGM grand in Las Vegas. The fight that has been talked about for over five years is finally happening. Floyd Mayweather Jr will enter the ring with Manny Pacquiao.

Two of the world elite boxers will bring the world to a halt as boxing fans and sports fans will be glued to pay-per-view for this epic event. Boxing fans have been calling for this fight for years, the build up has been massive and it is set to continue. Last Wednesday a press conference was held in L.A, which both boxers attended looking ready to give the world the big night of boxing it has been promised over the last five-six years.

“May 2 – the world stops, Mayweather v Pacquiao is the biggest fight in history.” one of the most quoted pieces taken from the press conference on Wednesday, as undefeated Mayweather hyped up the fight as if it needed any more. The man has fought 47 times and won them all, he told Pacquiao that he was not ready to taste defeat. Pacquiao, who has an equally impressive record of 57 wins, two draws and five defeats, said that he would beat the American for the good of boxing.

Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao
Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather


It wasn’t a war of words by the two under the spot light, they spent more time hyping up the fight that firing verbal blows at each other, although Mayweather stated he has the psychological edge over his opponent claiming that the Filipino always has defeat in his mind as he has lost in his career. Pacquiao made comments on twitter regarding Mayweather tweeting “I’m here to prove that I can easily beat the undefeated.” and that “Beating Floyd is good for boxing. When athletes have great success, their success goes to their head. That is bad for boxing,” aiming the tweets at the American’s lavish lifestyle he leads.

Manny’s trainer Freddie Roach gave Mayweather a smile stating that his fighter is going to face the best in the world and kick his ass. He also explained that the Filipino, Pacquiao would be too fast and hits too hard for Mayweather and that Floyd’s legs are shot. The American responded by saying that he has never wanted to win a fight so bad in his life.


It’s going to be an incredible night in Vegas on May 2nd and if you want to be there you’ll need an incredible bank balance. Ticket sales are to be announced shortly but it was said that they would range from $1500 (£1004) to $7500 (£5020), although they will probably be resold for a quarter of a million dollars leading up to the fight. It is rumoured that tickets won’t actually go on public sale with connections and celebs expected to fill the MGM grand to capacity level, it is also reported that even the very well-connected may need to guarantee that they will spend a certain amount at the MGM casino to secure a ringside seat for the fight. One person who is likely to be there is Mayweathers friend Justin Bieber who appeared along side Floyd for some publicity shots at the press conference. (If that isn’t a good enough reason to not support Mayweather then I don’t know what is!)

Many boxing experts say this will be the richest fight in boxing history, potentially generating upwards of $300 million. Mayweather will be the better off of the two boxers with the earnings for each split 60/40 in the American’s favour. Not to say that Pacquiao will not get a massive pay day! It’ll be a record fight payout with Mayweather predicted to get around $120 million. Floyd’s previous biggest pay day being $75 million against Alvarez with Manny getting $30 million from his bout with Marquez III. A massive amount for each fighter, but it is the fight of the century.

It’s going to be a massive night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in May 2nd, now the build up really begins, the training starts and the fans begin counting down the days until “The Fight Of The Century.”


Matt Yates


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