Fifty Shades Of Sport – Introduction

The worldwide phenomenon, Fifty Shades Of Grey, is releasing the film version this Friday, in time for Valentine’s Day (Saturday if you’ve forgot). The book series took the world by storm for its raunchiness with women and men raving about it! As I’ve said some genius thought they can make more money from this and bring out a movie to go with the books and ehmm, adult toys.

Anywayyyy you’re probably thinking what has this got to do with Severn Sport? “Are you branching out in to something different?” Um well no, there are plenty of websites offering services if you so desire, we don’t need to go there! We are sticking with sports and to pay homage to one of the most anticipated films of the year we are launching our count down “Fifty Shades Of Sport”

So what is it? We are going to count down 50 of the rudest sounding sports terms and sportspersons names to educate you to not giggle at the sound of “Tight End” or “Pulled Off”

Good job he'd got a good grip of the ball
Good job he’s got a grip of the ball


We’re covering all sports from around the world to bring you those terms and names that make you think “HE WHAT?” To stop you sending in complaints to ofcom for Alan Smiths potty mouth or Gary Neville being inappropriate on Monday night football. To open you’re eyes to just how rude sports can be when you really listen for it and finally just for a bit of knowledge for the pub, maybe?



So join us every day this week as we count down from 50 ending on Valentine’s Day with the top 10, all to get you in the mood for Valentines and to see the new fifty shades movie! Let us know of any funny, rude or innuendoic (yes I’ve invented a new word) sounding terms or name from sport via Twitter @SevernSport.

So be ready to giggle at the silliest sounding sports terms and names as we begin our strangest topical countdown tomorrow morning!


Matt Yates


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