Ultimate Impact 14 – Shane Riley Interview

Saturday 21st February the next event from Ultimate Impact events takes place. Ultimate Impact 14, being held at GL1 Leisure Centre in Gloucester, will feature 17 MMA bouts between some of the top fighters in the country. One of the title fights on the night features a winner from UI13 in Shane Riley take on Adam Boussif and the guys at Ultimate Impact caught up with Shane ahead of UI14.


Hi Shane good to talk to you again just a few questions ahead of your ultimate impact fight against champion Adam. How was your trip to Thailand, was it just a holiday or did you incorporate some training?

Thailand was stunning thanks. Third trip in the past 2 years for me out there. Will definitely be retiring out there in the future. I incorporate training wherever I go to be honest. I have a missus who will not let me fight unless I train twice a day and so I was up 6am every morning and then again in the afternoon to train with my coach Tuk at Chokchai muay Thai and also spent some time back at Tiger Muay Thai.

We last saw you the Ultimate Impact 13 where you had a dominant performance which gained you a title shot against Adam. What are your thoughts on Adam and what challenges he presents?

Thanks for the kind words. I was really looking forward to scrapping Tommy Cook so when he pulled out I was rather disappointed but fair play to Craig for stepping in last moment.

I last seen Adam fight Chris Astley and so I know he comes out fast and I know he has very good striking skills. I don’t underestimate anyone in this game so my plan is to tuck my chin in and get the job done.

Shane In Action During UI13
Shane In Action During UI13


Have you been focusing on any particular aspect of MMA ahead of this fight to deal with Adams strengths?

I have been working a lot with Lew Long as I rate his boxing and striking up there with the best in the UK currently and his last couple of performances have shown this.

I try to work on all aspects tbh and I look for the best coaches around in order to do this. I try not to worry about dealing with peoples strengths, more about perfecting mine so he has to deal with mine.

Having good cardio has always been a big aspect of your fighting style do you feel that this will again be key against Adam?

Cardio is the only aspect of the fight you have control over and so im gob-smacked by any fighter who gasses in the cage during a fight. If Adam beats me on the night, then I can say he’s the better fighter. If he beats me because I gas, then that’s my fault.

Im prepared for a hard 15 minute scrap and so yes, I do believe it will be a big aspect for me.

Is there a message that you’d like to give to Adam, and what can we expect you to review face-off for the welterweight title?

Nah not really. Im not really into this trash talk business. Looking forward to a tough 3-rounder and may the best man walk away with the title.

Shane thanks for your time, before I let you go if there is anybody that you wish to thank or give a shout out too please feel free

Would like to thank my missus first as she supports me through all my training and ensures I have everything at hand when needed. All my training partners, too many to list and also all the coaches that have helped me get to get where I am now. Massive shout out to all my supporters who take their time to come watch me and also spend their hard earned cash. Last but not least, Marc Robinson down Cardiff Sports Nutrition who sorts me out with all the essentials.

Roll on 21st Feb…

Tickets for UI14 start from £25 and is at GL1 from 4pm on Saturday 21st February. Severn Sport has full build up and coverage. Tickets can be bought online at http://www.ultimateimpactevents.com