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Are you looking for a new sport to get enthused by this year? Bored of the usual? Well I’m going to look at some different sports over the next few weeks to give you something new to enjoy in 2015. By the end of the year you will have seen the sport live, bought the t-shirt, downloaded the app, chosen your favourite and be waiting for the new season! So with out further ado, let’s get started with the first one…

Motorsport. You’re either one of those people who say it’s just loads of cars making noise, going around in circles for hours not doing a lot, or, you’re one of those who says it’s a tactical masterclass in speed, control and engineering. I think I’ve found a happy medium! I’m going to introduce to you, if you haven’t heard of it already, The British Touring Car Championship.

Established in 1958 as the British Saloon Car Championship and renamed as the British Touring Car Championship in 1987, the BTCC I feel has the excitement and entertainment for the casual follower and the tactical, technical part for the more avid racing fan. The first thing that attracts me to the BTCC compared to other motor racing, such as F1, is that you feel more connected. The drivers seem more normal and approachable, not like the pre-madonna F1 drivers. The cars are normal road cars you see every day, albeit a little modified!
You can pick your team by following your car manufacturer or favourite car or even follow the team that use your car! (I followed eBay motors last season as they used BMW 1 series, safe to say it’s not quite the same spec as mine!) The other nice thing about the cars are the decals. BTCC cars are covered in sponsors, bright, eye catching stickers making some very attractive cars with normal, everyday brands on them such as Tesco, eBay and airwaves, none of these Arab airlines or multi million pound investment firms.


2014 Champion, Colin Turkington in his eBay motors BMW 1 series.
2014 Champion, Colin Turkington in his eBay motors BMW 1 series.


It’s exciting! Formula one is often criticised for its lack of excitement and over taking at times, and personally I’ve found the BTCC the most exciting Motorsport I’ve seen. Excitement in every race as 20-30 cars cram around the track to win, bumping in to each other, catching bumpers, cutting corners and spinning off. Each race typically consists of between 16 and 25 laps, depending on the length of the circuit meaning your not getting bored and that the drivers have a short space of time to get to the front of the grid and as the result of race one determines the grid order for race two (i.e. the winner starts on pole), It is urgent to get to the front and if that means taking some bumps on the way that’s fine! The BTCC is often quoted as a high-contact racing series.

The underdogs get a chance as for race three, a draw takes place to decide at which place the grid is ‘reversed’. This means drivers finishing 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th in race two could take pole position for race 3 depending on the outcome of the draw. For example, if ball number 7 is drawn, the driver finishing in 7th position in race two starts on pole, 6th place starts in second place, 5th place starts in third etc. Drivers finishing in 8th place and beyond would start race three in their finishing order for race two.

Finally, it’s British! You’re never too far from a race track that hosts the BTCC. From Knockhill in Scotland to the world famous Silverstone it’s raced on classic British tracks. A BTCC race weekend isn’t just a one race event, as well as the 3 touring car races you get decent support races like the Renault Clio cup, Porsche Carrera Cup and more, with young drivers from these classes progressing to the main touring car championship. Tickets are also very reasonable with weekend adult tickets for Rockingham just £35 or £11 Saturday, £28 Sunday!


Swap Insurance? Nah, it'll T-Cut out!
Swap Insurance? Nah, it’ll T-Cut out!


I feel the whole thing just seems more accessible than other Motorsport and some other spots, drivers have cameras in cars and even talk to the television commentators whilst driving! Ticket prices very reasonable, recognisable cars, which you can get close to on race days, it’s local for most, it’s addictive and most of all it’s exciting, enjoyable and something I think you should give a watch in 2015. It’s live on ITV 4 and via ITV SPORT with tickets available via the circuit websites. The new season starts in March so keep an eye on the Severn Sport website as we will be looking at the drivers and teams a little closer to the start of the 2015 season.

For more info and for the 2015 season calendar visit
I will have another different sport for you to consider for 2015 soon!

Matt Yates

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