If the NFL was English Football – Part 2

So tonight the new NFL season kicks off tonight (1:30am)

I have gone through all 32 NFL teams and compared them to English Football teams from The Premier League and Championship to see the likenesses between the teams and to help you make your decision.

We’ve looked at the AFC franchises, now it’s time for the NFC…




Dallas Cowboys – Liverpool
Dallas Cowboys and Liverpool FC. Two well known worldwide brands, when you think of the premier league and the NFL you think of these two. This isn’t the reason why these match up. Both sides have very expectant fans despite their shortcomings and despite neither side winning championship titles since the 90’s, Liverpool in 1990 and Dallas in 1995. Neither side are particularly liked by other teams fan, partly due to their high expectations and partly because they always talk about the past.


New York Giants – Manchester City
Both these sides have talent and both know how to win things. Always in the mix to win things but have the odd off season. The Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007 and 2011 with City winning the premier league in 2012 and 2014.


Seattle Seahawks – Arsenal
Last season for both of these sides was good. Arsenal won their first trophy since 2005 when they lifted the FA cup. The Seahawks won their first ever super bowl last season beating the broncos convincingly. Not only did both of these have good seasons with regards to silverware and a long wait but both play attractively and both have good home records.


Seattle Seahawks - 2013 Superbowl Winners.
Seattle Seahawks – 2013 Superbowl Winners.


Washington Redskins – Derby County
The Redskins and County have a good history with 3 titles for Washington in the 80’s and 2 division one titles for County in the 70’s. Both have experienced gloom and doom in recent times with the Redskins failing to make the playoffs and Derby creating the record for the most games with out a win and the lowest points total ever in the premier league. But both sides surprised last season with invigoration from new faces in RG III for the redskins and new head coach in Steve McClaren at County taking them to 3rd place and in to the championship playoffs. The Redskins making the playoffs in 2012. The Skins failed to carry that on last season as they posted a 3-13 season, Derby fans will be hoping they won’t fall to the same fate and all eyes will be on Big Steve and his umbrella.


Chicago Bears – Stoke City
Chicago on a wet Tuesday night in November… Sounds better than Stoke slightly. These two sides have recently has management changes with new head coaches in Marc Trestman for the Bears and Mark Hughes at Stoke. An 8-8 season for the Bears and a 9th place finish for City not quite inspiring form both needing to score more with very defensive strong squads.


Detroit Lions – Sunderland
Both of these have a very local feel to them, very loyal fans mainly in and around their locale. Very working class fan bases with Sunderland sometimes known as the Labour club due to the way their supporters vote in government. Lions fans are very strong passionate flag waving Americans, playing yearly on thanksgiving with a big spectacular event. Both haven’t had the best seasons recently with a slight improvement for both last year. Neither will threaten really this season.


Green Bay Packers – Swansea City
The Packers and the Swans are both sides which have massive input from their supporters. Swansea supporters trust have more than a 20% stake in the Welsh club meaning they get a direct say in what goes on at the club, they are the most high profile club to have this in place. The Packers are a massive community club and are fully owned by their fans and the community, the only professional team in America with this. They are non for profit so fans know what they put in goes direct to the team. Shares are owned by fans for both sides insuring when money men come and go the supporters are always at the heart of the club.


And Where Can I Buy Shares?
And Where Can I Buy Shares?


Minnesota Vikings – West Ham United
They’ve shot themselves in the foot again… A phrase used on both over the years. The Vikings have made the Super Bowl 4 times and lost all of them. West Ham similarly have done the same, get in to a good position and mess it up and take a few seasons to re-build.


Atlanta Falcons – Hull City
Surprise package. Both of these had surprising seasons in 2012. Hull winning promotion to the premier league and Atlanta posting a 13-3 seasons. But both failed to inspire the following season as The Falcons fell to a disappointing 4-12 season failing to reach the playoffs. Hull did slightly better clinching Premier League survival but only just and not playing as good football as the previous season. Both will struggle this season but could pull out a good run towards the end of the season.


Carolina Panthers – Leicester City
These 2 are sides that quietly go about their business, popping up here and there with a surprise result. City won the Championship last season from pretty much know where and the Panthers posted a 12-4 season despite starting 1-4, they made the playoffs but lost out to the 49ers. Both sides aren’t expected to do an awful lot again this season but again both will pop up out of know where, cause problems for teams and pick up a few wins.


New Orleans Saints – Crystal Palace
Promotion to the premier league in 2013 gave Palace fans something to shout about after many years of looking at their London neighbours. New Orleans won the Super Bowl in 2009 for the first time giving them something to cheer about. The following season the Saints posted another good season but losing in the playoffs. Crystal Palace comfortably survived in their first season back in the premier league finishing 11th. It will be interesting to see where both of these side finish this season, both have the tools to threaten high up but many don’t see them doing an awful lot.


Saints Beat The Colts In The 2009 Superbowl.
Saints Beat The Colts In The 2009 Superbowl.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Norwich City
Both of these are small town clubs who have glimpses of success every few years. Premier League football for Norwich was returned in 2011 unexpectedly as well as they were newly promoted from League One the previous season . The Bucs won the Super Bowl unexpectedly in 2002 as they beat the Oakland Raiders. Both had poor seasons last season Norwich getting relegated and Tampa Bay going 4-12 and bottom of the NFC South. Home games are interesting for both, Norwich have Delia and The Bucs have a pirate ship with cannons.


St. Louis Rams – Middlesborough
The Rams have posted average seasons for many years going 9 seasons with out a playoff glimpse now but with an ever improving squad of young players you feel a good season is close. Boro were relegated from the premier league in 2009 after 11 years and were expected to bounce back but have just posted average season on average season, not really showing an awful lot, but building slowly, again the good season feels close.


San Francisco 49ers – Nottingham Forest
Well known historical clubs which have both had big names in the past with a good list of honours. Forest were strong in the 70’s and 80’s and in spells of the 90’s with first division titles, fa cups, league cups and even 2 European cups! The 49ers are the same winning 3 Super Bowls in the 80’s and 1 in the 90’s being the well known side at the time much like Forest. Both sides also popular with celebrities with a few famous fans each.


Philadelphia Eagles – Wolverhampton Wanderers
The way these two teams match up is almost scary! The Eagles had 2 seasons with disappointing record and no playoffs, Wolves had 2 disappointing seasons with back to back relegation, sending them to league one. Both sides had disruptive players during this time with Wolves having overpaid, disinterested Jamie O’hara and Roger Johnson whilst Phili have had their training ground issues amongst the team with wide receiver Riley Cooper and Cary Williams squaring up to each other. New head coaches were needed for both to get back on track and that’s exactly what happened in 2013. Kenny Jacket came in for Wolves and won them promotion from League one as champions. Chip Kelly arrived in Phili and took them to the top spot in the NFC East and to the playoffs with a 10-6 record. Both teams expected to continue to improve this season.


Philadelphia Eagles Beginning To Soar?
Philadelphia Eagles Beginning To Soar?


Arizona Cardinals – Queens Park Rangers
The Cardinals and QPR are the final two teams on the list. These are together because I couldn’t think of anyone to compare either team too. They both had good seasons last year but not all going to plan. Rangers wanted to gain automatic promotion to the premier league but finished 4th and settled for the playoff route winning promotion in the final minute of normal time in the play off final. The cardinals had a good season going 10-6, only the second time they have got 10 wins. They would have wanted play offs but didn’t qualify for them despite the good winning record.


And that completes it! All 32 NFL teams compared to English football teams. I hope that helps you pick a team for the new NFL teams. Tune in to the Severn Sport Podcast for our views on the NFL. Let us know your thoughts on twitter @severnsport


Look out for more NFL blogs through out the season from the rest if the team!

Matt Yates