Ryan Butler’s Sporting Lists: Episode 1


I am sat here on this Sunday night playing FIFA 14 when I hit the Transfer Deadline Day. I lived through the ups and downs of the day virtually, tomorrow I live through it for real. With that being said I thought how can get even more excited for it? The answer, by writing this. The debut of my brand new Severn Sport Blog Series called RYAN BUTLER’S SPORTING LISTS. A brief insight. I (Ryan Butler) will be amounting great sporting lists, from the funny to the serious from all sports and all walks of life. Today’s topic of lists. Transfer Deadline Day, so let’s begin.

Top 3 Biggest Deadline Day Transfers

Rafael Van Der Vaart. Jermaine Defoe. Marouane Fellaini. Luis Suarez. These players are amongst the list of players who have made high profile deadline day transfers. Everybody loves a good deadline day transfer, whether out of the blue or the worst kept secrets in football. But what are the three best deadline day transfers? Here are mine.

3) Wayne Rooney (Everton to Manchester United 2004)

This time a decade ago the then future England captain made of the biggest moves of recent years by swapping the Blue half of Merseyside for the Red half of Manchester. He was a teenager. He was the future of our countries international football hopes. He drove a Ford KA. Wayne Rooney became a star overnight when he signed for Man United for £20 million. A fee which turns out to be a bargain considering what he has helped the Red Devils win. He was apart of the Manchester United side who had to sit there and watch as Roman Abramovich’s Russian Revolution at Chelsea threatened to dominate and take over English football as we knew it and almost looked at points like he could slip into footballing wilderness. He showed exciting and amazing pieces of brilliance – that volley against Newcastle and that chip against Portsmouth- as well as notching a hat-trick on his debut against Fernabache.
The turning point came following the infamous Ronaldo winking incident of the World Cup in 2006. He came back from the tournament with a point to prove and by forming the scariest of partnerships with the current best player in the world he helped United win the next three Premier League titles. Five years on from the third leg of the hat-trick he has since helped United to overtake long term rivals Liverpool and become England’s most decorated team. What a pivotal transfer in Wayne Rooney and Manchester United’s history.

Tomorrow’s deadline day marks the 10 year anniversary since teenager Wayne Rooney joined Manchester United for £20 million

2) Ashley Cole (Arsenal to Chelsea 2006)

Now you may look at this with a slight confusion but this transfer is very important. This transfer all the way back in 2006 went right down to the wire. Some media outlets had even reported that the transfer ran out of time before it was announced that Ashley Cole was heading across London to join the Blues in return for £5million and William Gallas. At the time Arsenal probably thought it was an incredible deal but in hindsight they just parted with the man who would be the best left back in the world for the next few years, in exchange for what? William Gallas….sorry I just had a little chuckle.
Anyway one interesting element to the saga that was Cole to Chelsea was this highlighted and magnified the idea of tapping up players. I can still remember to this day reading the headlines after Cole, Peter Kenyon and Jose Mourinho had met in a hotel to discuss a move should a fee get agreed between the two clubs. I can remember everyone being angry without knowing what they were angry about. I’d have been angry that Chelsea had just made an absolute steal in pinching the England full back. This transfer is what deadline day is all about in terms of drama, the importance of filing correct documents and also a great example in beating the time limit…just.

1) Carlos Tevez & Javier Mascherano (Corinthians to West Ham United 2006)

These two transfers are the single most significant transfers in Premier League history for me. Hours before Ashley Cole would become a Chelsea player the 2006 Deadline Day kicked off with the news and subsequent unveiling of the double swoop by the Hammers for this Argentine pair. Everyone had one question. How the f*** is this happening? West Ham United signing these two South American geniuses? It just didn’t make sense. But there it was as the footballing community were tucking in to their morning breakfasts they were watching Sky Sports News and seeing Alan Pardew stood there with the two most confused players ever. Tevez and Mascherano almost looked like tourists who had got lost on their way to Madame Tussauds.
The politics of the transfers are why collectively this double transfer is the biggest deadline day transfer ever. This brought into question third party ownerships. A concept that is still active today especially in South American football. A concept brought to the eye of the footballing public by West Ham.
The two players were owned by Media Sports Investments and a man called Kia Joorabchian (remember him?) and this called all sorts of carnage both on the pitch of it, leading to court cases, multi million pound fines and also a legacy that both Mascerhano and especially Carlos Tevez left in England over the years. It is a transfer that Neil Warnock wishes never happened as it caused more trouble than its worth for almost everyone. Everyone but West Ham, despite the fine, it turned out to be worth it as Tevez single handedly kept the Hammers in the Premier League before heading off for pastures new at Old Trafford.
This transfer changed the way footballers are looked at and in some respects highlight the need for a change of rules regarding to third party ownership and the power they hold. Some players owned by third parties are made to feel like footballing slaves, something we should eradicate from the game as well as society.

So there we have it. My top three biggest deadline day transfers. What’s that, you want more? Well I have a brief list of three inevitable moments to expect to see or hear on your screens and online during tomorrow’s deadline day.

1) Ugly and stupid fans outside grounds and behind reporters. I don’t know why but every deadline day sees Sky Sports News go to to Liverpool and Stoke (amongst other places) and we are met with the most hideous and silly people those cities have to offer. However, this year considering I have money on Stoke to finish in the top 10 any good transfer will be met from me along with their fans with the simple chant of “GO ON STOKE GO ON STOKE!”

2) Stupid and Over the top “Rumours” of possible transfers. There is always that one idiot who texts in to media outlets with the following message “Mike from Birmingham: Just been to St Andrews and I saw Messi walking around.” Stop it and shut up, you would be lucky to sign Franco Di Santo, you are an embarrassment.

3) Harry Redknapp will either appear at his car window or someone will make a reference to not seeing him yet so therefore “it doesn’t feel like deadline day.” Don’t reproduce.

Happy Deadline Day Everybody!

Ryan Butler



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