Centurions pay the penalty in Bristol

Bristol Apache 8-0 Gloucester Centurions

BAFA National League South & West – Sunday 20 April 2014

The Gloucester Centurions continued their disappointing start to the new BAFA season with a 8-0 defeat at Bristol Apache on Sunday afternoon. The Centurions, who lost 16-15 last week in their opening game of the season with Cornish Sharks, were expected to go in to the game with a bit more confidence after getting a game under their belts and a bit more match sharpness, but it was a tale of too many penalty flags against the away side proving costly.

The Centurions defence started brightly holding Bristol out on the games opening drive seeing them straight out and forcing a 4th down punt. The Cents then had a good first attack but were halted just before the Apache 20 yard line, signalling the start of a frustrating afternoon for the Gloucester offence.

The first of many penalties against the Centurions came shortly after, with the defence holding Bristol in their own half for a 3rd down and 10 before a call of pass interference against the defence. Gloucester blocked the throw towards the endzone and the first quarter ended scoreless.

The second quarter started with a blow for the Centurions as Quarterback, Dave Keen, was carried off with a knee injury seeing him sidelined for the rest of the game.
The defensive lines weathered the storm on grey, wet day at Bristol’s SGS college with both sides failing to have any major attacks, and both sides conceding penalty flags, leaving it all to play for in the second half with both failing to make a mark on the scoreboard.

The third quarter finally saw a touchdown as an early Bristol drive saw them on the Gloucester 12 yard line. The Centurions defence held them to a 4th down which Apache decided to go for, rather than settling for a 3 point field goal attempt, and a delightfully looped ball over to the left hand side of the end zone was met and brought down, putting 6 points on the board for Bristol and giving the game a bit of much needed bite.

The Centurions were penalised once again for pass interference shortly after, turning an Apache 4th down in to an automatic 1st down piling pressure back on the Cents defence, Apache fumbled and Gloucester recovered but were unable to mount an attack on the home sides endzone the third quarter ending with the orange men leading 6-0.

The fourth quarter was much the same with neither teams offence able to form any decent moves forward until an impressive Apache drive saw them in the redzone. The Cents defence held them out for a 4th and goal which Bristol go for and miss, handing over possession to the visitors deep in their own half. The Gloucester offence, who struggled to get anything moving all afternoon, got stuck on their own 10 yard line before getting pushed back in to their own endzone and giving Apache an easter treat with a 2 point safety and the win.

The Centurions are next in action at home on May 4th verses Solent Thrashers.