Vince & Hockaday 10 Year FGR Plan

PROMOTION to League Two is just the first big aim on Forest Green’s ambitious 10-year plan.
New Lawn manager Dave Hockaday has revealed he has compiled a comprehensive decade-long assault on the Football League, along with owner Dale Vince.

Rovers travel to Braintree Town tomorrow (kick-off 3pm), keen to capitalise on last week’s 3-1 Alfreton victory and move up from sixth in the Skrill Premier table.
Admitting Forest Green are ‘brave’ enough to target the league title, Hockaday said his well-stocked squad have the confidence to top their non-league pile.

The former Blackpool and Swindon full-back explained: “I sat down with Dale and we have a plan, I don’t know if many teams are able to plan from day to day let alone season to season.
“But we have a 10-year plan: we know where we want to be in those 10 years.

“That gives me the confidence to build rather than worry that if we lose two games on the trot I could be out of a job.
“You’re looking to improve every year, and this time we want to go even further.
“If you stand still you’re falling behind.
“Some teams get promoted then think ‘what will we do now?’

“Well what we want to do is win promotion as part of the process, then move on again.
“So then we would be looking to get promotion again.
“We have a structure and a plan in place, it’s been well thought out.
“We know what we want to do and how we want to do it.

“Whether we do it or not that’s down to lots of variables, but we’re focused and ready to achieve those goals.
“If I’m being perfectly honest I’ve entered a competition and I want to win it.
“If anybody enters any competition and says they don’t want to win, I would have to question why they’ve entered that competition.
“So we’re in it, and we want to win it.
“Where do we want to finish? I want to finish top of the table.

“But if we can’t do that, I want to finish second, and if we can’t finish second, it’s third and you know what I’ll say next.
“We want to win the league, and every team should have that ambition. Some won’t, but a lot will, even if they don’t verbalise it.
“I think we’re brave enough to say that.
“We’re not being daft: if we’re good enough, great and if we’re not, so be it.

“And if you don’t aim to win the league, you certainly won’t ever do so. If and when we win the league, we then want to do well in the league above.

“We’ll want to do far more than just survive, and eventually we would want to get promoted again.
“When people openly say ‘let’s win the league’ and you haven’t got the wherewithal to do it, it’s an embarrassment.
“When you have got the wherewithal, the qualities and the infrastructure, people actually start believing it.
“Our players believe that we have the potential to win the league.
“We have the potential to win this league, whether we win it or not, time will tell.”

James Norwood’s two goals helped seal last weekend’s home win over Alfreton.

Hockaday said the extra pressure of a summer strike-force influx will push last term’s 15-goal forward to new heights.
Rovers lost 3-1 at the Essex club last December, and Hockaday has demanded greater steel this year.

He added: “If you don’t go there ready for a fight you will get your backsides kicked.
“They are very good at seizing on teams who are unprepared.”